Linking Classrooms Across the Globe

As Malaysia steers ahead steadily with its Education Blueprint with the great hope that our students will be equipped with 21st century skills, I think it is equally important to make our students cognizant of the different cultures of the world. Students are no longer confined to the 4 walls of their classrooms with the advent of technology and listed below are some websites that you can explore to bring the world to your classroom. Just click on the pictures to be taken to the websites.

  1. There are more than 100 active global projects on this website. Some of the topics covered in previous projects include kites around the world and volunteer work.

  2. Screenshot (1)

  3. You can get ideas on global collaboration from this website like hosting a foreign student and welcoming a visiting school from a foreign country.  Screenshot (2)

  4. If there is steady internet connection in your school and it is possible to Skype, this website will interest you. Screenshot (3)
  5. This next website allows for collaboration among students on a project as well. Screenshot (5)5. Established since 1984, this website has more than 20 years of experience in the field of online project-based learning and connecting schools around the world. Screenshot (6)6. This website connects teachers and their classes in different countries for pen-pal exchanges and projects. Screenshot (7)

7. This website doesn’t link classrooms but I think it is really cool. Dad, the cameraman makes videos to introduce the Japanese culture, featuring his daughter and son.

Screenshot (32)


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