First Aid

“Cikgu! Tolong saya…” cries a student whose knees are bloodied from a fall. Send him/ her to the nurse? Nah uh… In a Malaysian school, there is no nurse. The teacher on duty for the week is the nurse. If you are lucky, your school will have a first aid kit with some plasters, the ubiquitous “minyak cap kapak”/ “ubat gamat” and some filthy looking gauze. If you are really lucky, your school will have a sick bay (more like a bed) and a functional stretcher. In my humble opinion, all teachers should learn first aid. You do want to alleviate the pain of the poor student who is hobbling towards you. You do want to know what to do with the student who passes out in your class.

It was my great fortune that I was taken under the wings of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia, Area of Johor Bahru when I was teaching in my first school. My friend, Hew Mun Yoke introduced me to the Cadet Officer, Lee Tee Unn. Both of them guided me patiently in my pursuit of first aid knowledge. My student, Rachel Tan, an active first aid member herself taught me a lot. I stumbled and fumbled my way to obtain a cert in Advanced First Aid and Officer Training Course. Phew! Learning was tough… Age must be catching up.

Anyway, it was immense joy and relief to know that I have some basic skills of first aid to help my students. Unexpectedly, it has helped me connect to my most mischievous students. They always turn to angels after getting a band-aid from me.

  • To know what you should have in a first aid kit, take a look at this video:

  • If you are interested to buy a first aid kit, you may visit your nearest pharmacy or check out this website:

Screenshot (16)

  • The manual that is highly recommended:


  • To learn first aid, you can learn from the videos posted by St. John Ambulance


Thank you SJAM KJB! This picture was taken after the Chingay procession in 2014.


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