Financial Aid for Malaysian Students

I am sure there are plenty of aids around for Malaysian students. Here, I am going to list organizations that I know of besides Baitulmal MAIWP (which is only open to Muslim students). Feel free to comment to expand on the list.

1. Hope Worldwide Malaysia. One of my students benefits from this organization. He receives not only financial aid but also extra tutoring on Saturdays. He goes on educational trips and high teas (at 5 star hotels mind you!) every now and then, sponsored by HOPE’s generous partners.

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2. Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia. The name of this organization may give the impression that only Buddhists can apply for the financial aids. However, this organization provides financial aid to those who need it regardless of race and religion. In my first school, members of this organization visited the homes of students who applied for this aid. After an (informal) interview and verifying that the students qualify for the aid, the family will be given the money.

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3. Educare. Jointly organised with Parkson every year and Yayasan 1Malaysia in recent years, Educare distributes essential school items to Malaysian students from disadvantaged backgrounds, from all faiths.

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