The 12 Best Outdoor ESL/EFL Games

ESL Games to add variety to our lessons.



Outdoor games are a great way to motivate your students. Bring out your students fun or competitive spirits with relays, skipping rope and ball games.

Here is a list of 10 tried and tested games I have used for my language centre’s Summer Camp. Some of them are traditional playground games and others have been tweaked to involved more use of the English language.

1. Marco Polo Materials: Blindfold

One student volunteers to be blindfolded, the other students have 10 seconds to run away and hide, the blindfold is then removed and the game begins. Once the game begins, the other students must freeze. When you shout the trigger question (this can be anything from ‘What’s your name?’ to ‘How are you?’), other students must shout their response. This gives the hiding places away so that the students can be caught. The last student to be caught is the winner.


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